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Beyond FGM and Kepsteno Rotwo work together to provide an Alternative Rite of Passage Ceremony in Pokot, Kenya. Since 2010 Our first ceremony, over 1000 girls have attended the ceremonies. No more than 12 have gone on to be circumcised.

We work to train local midwives in Pokot who go on to train Traditional Birth Attendants/Circumcisers. Many of whom have since declared they will no longer Cut after this valuable training.

Beyond FGM and Kepsteno Rotwo are proud to have created a model for eradicating FGM which is working and will continue to work.

Our latest project is to build a rescue centre in Ortum, Pokot. There is a huge need and demand for a centre of this kind. We know that with the model of the Alternative Rite of Passage ceremonies, TBA training and the rescue centre we will be well on Our way to a sustainable solution for the eradication of FGM. We are currently moving into other regions of Pokot and hope to grow and grow through Kenya and Africa.

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