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Sadly due to technical hitches galore and incompetence of yours truly latest photos direct from Pokot have not yet been uploaded onto website……….

BUT……….all is not lost……….

Please please pretty please visit our Facebook page where you can see said photos of foundations being dug and bricks being made for our much needed Rescue Centre/Safe House.

Also on Facebook you can watch a short video clip of one of your rescued girls who gives a heartfelt account of how she ran away from FGM and forced marriage to an old man. The young woman, Milkah,  was rescued by one of our group members in Pokot, Paulina who looked after the two friends for a year before we installed them in a neighbouring Rescue Centre. You can hear Milkah say how desperately she wants to go to school even just to be able to write her own name!

As we reach out to more remote areas we are finding more girls who need somewhere safe to run to escape this torture. This is why we are now fund raising in earnest for our own Rescue Centre.

There is a “Donate” button on this site where you can but a brick for a fiver! Every little helps and we can all play a part in bringing about the end of FGM.

Thanks you, Cath Holland

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