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On 23rd November Cath joined the grassroots team in Kenya to begin the annual Alternative Rites of Passage (ARP) ceremonies for 2016.

Since then, she and the team have been hard at work across the region, bringing ARP to new areas, and of course strengthening their existing use. So far the they have been to


An Outreach Sensitisation Programme was begun here on 28th November. This is a very remote village, with local estimates of FGM prevalence close to 100%. Promisingly, Beyond FGM and Kepsteno Rotwo had a great reception despite the prevalence of cutting here. Let’s hope such good reactions will provide a strong base for ARP in the future.

Takaywa girl


This girl in Takaywa captures the spirit of ‘Abandon the Knife’, speaking out to her community as a role model. She has never been cut and is determined to keep it that way.


This is another very rural village, high up in the mountains. Samich is playing host to the team this week. They are hoping that around 150 girls will be able to participate in the ARP. Best of luck for another fantastic week of workshops with plenty of singing and dancing! They are so vital in deepening community acceptance of ARP, empowering women and girls to reject FGM.

Beyond FGM and the Kepsteno Rotwo team will continue to travel region around Pokot over the next couple of weeks.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates!

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